Staff Training - No Really!
Published - 17.04.16

Staff Training… No, Really!

At Artemis we’re always thinking about ways to do things differently (and better), and staff training is no exception.

After some time brainstorming ideas about innovation and new challenges, we somehow found ourselves at the Land Rover Centre in Eastnor, driving though obstacle courses, muddy woodland and amazingly spectacular views! Not quite sure how that happened – but we’re not complaining…

For the less confident among us, it was a brilliant opportunity to get the hang of driving off-road for the first time. The biggest lesson was to keep your feet AWAY from the pedals while you drive downhill, as hitting either the clutch or the brake might be disastrous – and left to its own devices the Land Rover can manage very nicely, thank you… For the more confident (i.e. with an unfair advantage, namely driving the Artemis Land Rover regularly through muddy fields), the lesson was simpler: stop ratcheting the handbrake! Thanks to the instructor and the team at Eastnor, we had a great time – but it wasn’t just about having fun, or even learning more about the vehicles. It was really good to build rapport with each other, but most of all we found ourselves in a new environment, learning new things, having to start from scratch, ditch our preconceptions and really pay attention to the instructor.

There’s not much opportunity for off-roading around Tunbridge Wells, so it may be a while before we put our new expertise into practice – but Nick is already pondering other ‘blue-sky’ training ideas… Baking courses for builders, anyone?

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