Bug Towers – Palaces For Insects
Published - 17.05.26

Bug Towers – How To Build A Palace For Insects

As we get into gear for our show garden at BBC Gardeners’ World Live, lots of different elements are starting to come together – including these amazing bug towers, built with the help of local charity Pericles and filled by Rachel Merrick from Wonderful Wildlife . We’re looking forward to seeing them in situ, as part of our eco-friendly ‘Living in Sync’ garden – but we couldn’t resist giving you a sneak preview!

The frames are made of recycled wood and filled with natural materials, including leaf mulch, moss and rotten wood – so not only do they provide an attractive habitat, they’re already full of insects! Having a bug tower or two in your garden is a fantastic way to encourage vital pollinators and other wildlife. If you’re thinking about building your own, Friends of the Earth have a really useful guide here www.foe.co.uk Or if you’re a little less hands-on, Rachel’s amazingly artistic creations may well be on sale in the near future... Watch this space!

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