Country Running Track
Published - 15.09.16

An Unusual Project: Country Running Track

This is something we don’t get asked for very often!

It may sound simple, but building a 2.6 km running track took a surprising amount of work and forethought. Set in a gorgeous country estate, the path runs through woodland, fields and lawns, and was dug out, laid with geotextile membrane and filled with hardcore and a fine covering (to avoid lumps!). Then it was either covered with bark chippings or, where it meandered through grass, planted with a special grass that wouldn’t grow too tall. After all, our client had to keep his shoes dry…

For us, this was an opportunity to build something quite technical, but for once we wanted it to blend into the landscape rather than drawing the eye. It was hard work, but what we ended up with was a lovely, natural-looking circuit – we can only envy our lucky client his early-morning runs!

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