Ephemeral Art at Sheffield Park
Published - 02.11.15

Ephemeral Art at Sheffield Park

It might seem like a bit of a busman’s holiday, but Nick can’t get enough of other people’s gardens, especially when the autumn foliage is as spectacular as it is right now.

This weekend saw us at Sheffield Park, a National Trust garden, where acers, nyssas and taxodiums were blazing red and amber and all the fiery colours were reflected in the lake… On a clear, cool sunny day, we can’t imagine anywhere better to be – unless it’s in a garden we’ve helped to build!

It was great to see so many people there, all enjoying the garden, and we were especially pleased to see the ‘leaf-art’ left by an anonymous creator. Piles and patterns of leaves were dotted about under the trees and looked from a distance like random heaps – it was only when you got closer that you saw that they’d been carefully chosen. Whether they were made by children or a playful artist, they drew attention to the ephemerality of the colours and the beauty of the leaves that had fallen, as well as the ones still on the trees. We’re used to thinking about gardens maturing over years, even lifetimes, but now and then you catch sight of a reminder that every moment in a garden is unique and precious…

Anyway, enough waxing lyrical – it’s back to work!

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